Skip Hire Alternative

Skip Hire Carmarthenshire/Carmarthen/Swansea and recycling

Apart from the obvious drawbacks to hiring a skip, the biggest drawback with skip hire is recycling. Rob's Clearances separates recyclable material like metal, clothes, books and furniture. With skip hire in Carmarthenshire (as in most areas),  separation isn't possible and all the contents are tipped and end up in landfill.

If you want to hire a skip in Carmarthenshire/Carmarthen/Swansea and surrounding areas, the problems are:

  • The cost of a skip hire license, in addition to the actual skip hire makes it much more expensive than using Rob's Clearances

  • Neighbours filling your skip with their waste.

  • Bad access making skip hire difficult or impossible.

  • Waste of space - Having a skip taking up your driveway or parking space for days on end.

Skip Hire in Carmarthenshire and surrounding areas has long been the most popular method of waste collection, and people are only starting to realise that there is an alternative in companies like Rob's Clearances

It's a common site to see a skip in a street - but just as common is the practice of neighbours filling it!

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